Guest Parking

Ample unrestricted parking is available for your guests on Reservoir Lane and Reservoir Drive. The complex offers restricted Guest Parking stalls on the private lanes in front of nearby units. Free Tenant parking is available in front of the Tennis Court and Pool area if you want to drive to facilities but they are only a short walk away.  Although the unit is located near SDSU there is no 'B Permit' parking restrictions on Reservoir Drive or Reservoir Lane.  There is always parking available


Your Guests can park on your driveway but usually it's better to have guests park on Reservoir Lane or Reservoir Drive

A view of the ample parking available on Reservoir Drive.

Permit parking for Guests is available on the private lanes off Reservoir Drive.
See all the open parking on Reservoir Drive in the background.



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 provides a highly desirable housing alternative to the excessive fees and rates charged by
Sterling Alvarado Apartments, Villa Del Sol Apartments and San Diego State University on campus housing.
We provide safe, modern, clean and affordable housing in the College Area near San Diego State University (SDSU).
We encourage new and returning students to avoid the crowded, noisy and overpriced community housing found at
Zura Hall, Tenochca Hall, Maya Hall, Olmeca Hall, Chapultepec Hall, University Towers, Cuicacalli Suites,
Piedra del Sol Apartments (PdS), Emerald Island Apartments, and Villa Alvarado Apartments.

Affordable housing close to Grossmont College
Affordable housing close to Cuyamaca College
Affordable housing close to National University
Affordable housing close to University of San Diego
Affordable housing close to Art Institute of California
Affordable housing close to Alliant International University
Affordable housing close to Coleman University